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Pieter AalbertsSenior Project Manager
Bastien AbeilSenior Project Manager
Hugo AmmerlaanBusiness Unit Manager
Anand AshokProject Manager
Henry BandringaSpecialist
Rinnert van Basten BatenburgSenior Project Manager
Ilmas BayatiProject Manager
Antoine BedosProject Manager
Joris van den BergSenior Researcher
Peter BergervoetManager
Reinier BergevoetTeamleider/Project Engineer Modeltest
Miloa BirvalskiProject Manager
Fedde BloemhofSpecialist Meettechnieken
Jan de BoerSenior Project Manager
Wytze de BoerSenior Project Manager Ships
Hannes BogaertHead of Department
Arno BonsSenior Project Manager
Henk van den BoomSenior Project Manager
Annewieke BosmaHR Assistant
Rene BosmanResearcher
Johan BosschersSenior Researcher
Noel BovensManager
Stephan BrinkmannController
Persijn BrongersResearcher
Bas BuchnerPresident
Tim BunnikSenior Researcher
Edwin van de BuntProject Manager Measurement Systems
Nicolas CaretteSenior Project Manager Ships
Martine ClarenbachHR Advisor
Hans CozijnSenior Project Manager
Pierre CrepierSpecialist CFD
Ed van DaalenSenior Researcher
Jie DangSenior Project Manager Ships
Menno A. Deij-van RijswijkResearcher
Johan DekkerProject Manager
Enrico Della ValentinaSenior Project Manager Ships
Margo van DijkHR Advisor
Auke DitzelSenior Project Manager
Jos van DoornManager
Ingo DrummenSenior Project Manager
Bulent DuzResearcher
Rogier EggersSenior Project Manager
Sanne van EssenSenior Project Manager
Ashwin FernandesProject Manager
Victor FerrariSenior Project Manager
Bas FlipseElectrical Engineer
Eelco FrickelSenior Researcher/Teamleader
Guilhem GaillardeManager Ships
Zane GeidaSecretary
Esther GermanusCommunications Advisor
Tomasz GorniczSpecialist
Nicola GrassoHead of Section Hydro-Structural Services
Rob GrinSenior Project Manager Ships
Michiel GunsingSenior Project Manager
Remco HagemanProject Manager
Gerco HagesteijnSenior Project Manager Ships
Rink HallmannSenior Project Manager Ships
Eelco HarmsenSenior Project Manager
Thijs HasselaarSenior Project Manager
Dimitri van HeelSenior Project Manager/Teamleider
Jaap van HeerdSenior Project Manager Ships
Robert HeerinkSenior Project Manager
Martin Th. van HeesSenior Software Architect
Joop HelderSenior Project Manager
Marjolein HermansProject Manager
Patrick HooijmansSenior Project Manager Ships
Dick ten HoveSenior Project Manager
Hans HuismanSenior Human Factors Specialist
John HuismanProject Manager
Rene HulshofTeam Leader Ships
Marta IbarrondoProject Manager
Erwin van IperenSenior Project Manager
Arie de JagerSenior Project Manager
Geerhard JanseProject Engineer
Fr�d�rick Jaou�nSenior Project Manager
Johan H. de JongInternational Cooperation
Pepijn de JongSenior Project Manager / Team Leader Navy
Geert KapsenbergSenior Researcher
Levent KaydihanSpecialist HSS
Linda KempProject Manager
Maarten KerkvlietResearcher CFD
Anton KisjesProject Manager
Joy KlinkenbergProject Manager Ships
Yvette KlinkenbergSpecialist
Yvonne KoldenhofSenior Project Manager/Teamleader
Jos KoningSenior Project Manager
Klaas KooikerSenior Project Manager
Arjen KoopSenior Researcher/Teamleader
Frans KremerDefence Programme Manager
Moritz KrijgsmanSenior Project Manager
Bas de KruifSenior Researcher
Frans Hendrik LafeberTeam Leader Ships
Arjan LampeSpecialist CFD
Christian LenaSenior Project Manager
Artur LidtkeResearcher
Thomas LloydSpecialist, Noise and Vibrations
Tom van LohuizenManager Production & Facilities
Andre van der LugtManager Communicatie
Bart MakSenior Researcher
Karola van der MeijTeam Leader Cruise & Ferry
Rien de MeijSenior Project Manager Ships
Francisco Miguel MonteroSenior Project Manager
Luigi Francesco MinervaProject Manager Ships
Joost MoulijnSenior Researcher
William OttoSenior Project Manager
Guido OudResearcher
Willemijn PauwSenior Project Manager
Saskia van de PeppelSecretary
Auke van der PloegCFD Researcher
Henk PrinsManager
Frans QuadvliegSenior Project Manager Ships
Stephane RapucResearcher
Erik-Jan de RidderSenior Project Manager/Teamleider
Douwe RijpkemaResearcher CFD
Martijn van RijsbergenSenior Researcher
Bruno RossinProject Manager
Erik RotteveelProject Manager
Haite van der SchaafSenior Project Manager
Verena SchaapProject Manager
Jule ScharnkeSenior Project Manager
Thomas ScholczResearcher
Ron SchoonSenior Project Manager
Joost SchotProject Manager
Patrick SchrijversProject Manager
Bart SchuilingResearcher
Jorrit-Jan SerrarisSenior Project Manager
Klaas SlagerSpecialist CFD
Jesse SlotProject Manager Ships
Jos SnelderHR Advisor
Floor SpaargarenProject Manager
Bram StarkeCFD Researcher
Serina StrikSecretaresse
Gijs StruijkHead of On Board Specialists
Tom van TerwisgaTeam leader Resistance and Propulsion
Roberto TonelliSenior Project Manager
Serge ToxopeusTeam leader CFD development / Senior Researcher
Jan TukkerResearcher
Wendie UitterhoeveSpecialist Human Factors
Riaan van 't VeerSenior Project Manager
Christian VeldhuisTeam Leader Ships - Simulation & Development | Senior Project Manager | Research coordinator Zero Emission Shipping
Michiel VerhulstSpecialist Analysis & Prediction
Freek VerkerkSenior Project Manager
Timo F. VerwoestHead of Digital Services
Roderik VogelsProject Manager
Arjan VoogtManager
Olaf WaalsManager
Frans van WalreeSenior Project Manager Ships
Gerrit van der WantSenior Project Manager
Martin van der WelProject Manager
Eric WictorProject Engineer Analyse
Erik van WijngaardenSenior Researcher
Jaap de WildeSenior Project Manager
Chris WillemsenProject Manager Ships
Ellen te WinkelCommunications Advisor
Jelle WisseSpecialist
Egbert YpmaSenior Researcher / Teamleader
Gert-Jan ZondervanSenior Project Manager Ships