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Consistency assesment of wave directional spectrum predictions from machine learning based ship-as-a-wave-buoy methods

Jun 5, 2022

Real-time knowledge of the ocean wave directional spectrum is valuable for maritime safety and navigation. When end-to-end machine learning is used ...
Mitigating spurious low-frequency waves in a model basin with a ramped floor

Jun 5, 2022

Low-frequency (LF) content of the waves present in a finite model basin may have multiple sources and associated consequences. Typically the ...
Estimating parameter and discretization uncertainties using a laminar–turbulent transition model

Nov 15, 2021

For computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations at intermediate Reynolds numbers, laminar-to-turbulent transition plays an important role in the ...
Linking Experimental and Numerical Wave Modelling

Mar 13, 2020

Experimental or numerical analysis of the response of ships and other floating structures starts with correct environmental modelling. The ...
Parameter Uncertainty Quantification applied to the Duisburg Propeller Test Case

Sep 30, 2019

At model-scale conditions (diameter-based Reynolds number below 106), laminar-to-turbulent transition plays an important role on the performance of ...
Real Time Estimation of Local Wave Characteristics from Ship Motions Using Artificial Neural Networks

Sep 22, 2019

Wave characteristics such as significant wave height, peak period and main direction have an important effect on all aspects of ship operations. ...
Wave-in-Deck Impact Loads in Relation with Wave Kinematics

Jun 25, 2017

Breaking waves have been studied for many decades andare still of interest as these waves contribute significantly to thedynamics and loading of ...
Numerical Simulation Of Nonlinear Free Surface Water Waves - Coupling Of A Potential Flow Solver To A URANS/VoF Code

Jun 24, 2016

Numerical simulation of free surface water waves using various wave models is studied. The performance of the wave models is compared in three test ...