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Screening wave conditions for the occurrence of green water events on sailing ships

Aug 15, 2021

Design loads for extreme wave events on ships, such as slamming and green water, are hard to define. These events depend on details in the incoming ...
Non-Linear Wave Run-Up Along the Side of Sailing Ships Causing Green Water on Deck - Experiments and Deterministic Calculation

Aug 1, 2020

Experiments with a flat plate in oblique waves at different speeds, wave conditions, headings and drift speed were done to evaluate non-linear wave ...
Linking Experimental and Numerical Wave Modelling

Mar 13, 2020

Experimental or numerical analysis of the response of ships and other floating structures starts with correct environmental modelling. The ...
Screening for extreme wave events

Jan 21, 2020

Reading time 6 minutes

Extreme waves can have significant consequences for ships and offshore structures at sea. When hit by a wave local damage may occur, personnel may ...
Influence of wave variability on ship response during deterministically repeated seakeeping tests at forward speed

Sep 23, 2019

In order to validate numerical results or verify design choices using experiments, knowledge about the experimental variability is essential. This ...
Variability in Encountered Waves During Deterministically Repeated Seakeeping Tests at Forward Speed

Jun 9, 2019

Numerical seakeeping codes for ships at forward speed in waves are often validated or tuned based on experiments, which makes knowledge about the ...
Wave buoy measurements on a hexapod

Aug 17, 2017

Reading time 3 minutes

MARIN has recently expanded its facilities with a hexapod. This system can be used to generate forced oscillations in six degrees of freedom, either ...
Wave-induced current in a seakeeping basin

Jul 12, 2017

During tests in MARIN’s wave basins, it was observed that large-scale current patterns may develop under the influence of wave generation and ...
How to deal with basin modes when generating irregular waves on shallow water

Jun 19, 2016

Modeling shallow-water waves in a basin with a finite length and width introduces challenges related to low-frequency (LF) waves, especially for ...
A focus on waves

Apr 30, 2015

Reading time 6 minutes

For model tests, the correct generation of a realistic representation of a natural wave field is vital, as the environmental conditions determine ...
Improvement of shallow-water basin wave generation using ‘anti-waves’

Jun 13, 2014

The demand for hydrodynamic research facilities to correctly model shallow-water effects associated with lowfrequency (LF) waves increases. ...
Evaluation of directional analysis methods for low-frequency waves to predict LNGC motion response in nearshore areas

Jun 9, 2013

Because LNG terminals are located increasingly close to shore, the importance of shallow-water effects associated with low-frequency (LF) waves ...

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