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Joris van den Berg

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Performance at Sea

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Office tool aNySIM calculates the real-time mooring line tensions on board the Aoka Mizu FPSO

Apr 7, 2021

Reading time 6 minutes

The existing hull structural monitoring system of the Aoka Mizu FPSO was extended in August last year with a time domain software tool able to ...
aNySIM, a versatile hydrodynamics engineering tool

Apr 25, 2014

Reading time 3 minutes

During the past 10 years, MARIN has successfully developed and used the time domain simulation program aNySIM.
How Does Barge-Master Compensate for the Barge Motions: Experimental and Numerical Study

Sep 27, 2012

To increase workability and safety in tough environmental conditions, and to create a more economical alternative for jack-up barges, Barge-Master ...
SWAY's special deep-water wind turbines

Aug 12, 2009

Reading time 3 minutes

Norwegian renewable energy company SWAY has developed a concept for wind turbines that can produce power in deepwater locations.
Frigg QP jacket gets 'on the move' at MARIN

Apr 24, 2009

Reading time 3 minutes

Saipem UK wished to enhance its knowledge of the behaviour of its SSCV 'S7000' for a removal and transportation solution for both the lifting and ...