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Joris van den Berg

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Performance at Sea

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A Unified Internal Flow Model with Fluid Momentum for General Application in Shipflooding and Beyond

4 Jun 2023

This paper deals with the development and validation of a unified internal flow model (UIF) for the prediction of fluid behaviour in a network of 3D ...
Validation of Mooring Simulations (for Mooring Integrity Assessment) With In-Service Tension Measurements

22 Jun 2021

Integrity of mooring system is of high importance in the offshore industry. In-service assessment of loads in the mooring lines is however very ...
Office tool aNySIM calculates the real-time mooring line tensions on board the Aoka Mizu FPSO

7 Apr 2021

The existing hull structural monitoring system of the Aoka Mizu FPSO was extended in August last year with a time domain software tool able to ...
Validation of a Non-Linear Sloshing Model

10 Jun 2018

This paper focuses on the validation of a non-linear model of a partly filled LNG containment system. The numerical model can either represent a ...
How to deal with basin modes when generating irregular waves on shallow water

19 Jun 2016

Modeling shallow-water waves in a basin with a finite length and width introduces challenges related to low-frequency (LF) waves, especially for ...
aNySIM, a versatile hydrodynamics engineering tool

25 Apr 2014

Reading time 3 minutes

During the past 10 years, MARIN has successfully developed and used the time domain simulation program aNySIM.
New Methods and Insights in Advanced and Realistic Basin Wave Modelling

9 Jun 2013

For model tests, the correct generation of the most realisticrepresentation of the natural wave field is of greatest importanceas the environmental ...
How Does Barge-Master Compensate for the Barge Motions - Experimental and Numerical Study

27 Sep 2012

To increase workability and safety in tough environmental conditions, and to create a more economical alternative for jack-up barges, Barge-Master ...
The Dynamic Response Of An Offshore Wind Turbine With Realistic Flexibility To Breaking Wave Impact

19 Jun 2011

The effects of operational loads and wind loads on offshoremonopile wind turbines are well understood. For most sites,however, the water depth is ...
SWAY's special deep-water wind turbines

12 Aug 2009

Reading time 3 minutes

Norwegian renewable energy company SWAY has developed a concept for wind turbines that can produce power in deepwater locations.
Frigg QP jacket gets 'on the move' at MARIN

24 Apr 2009

Reading time 3 minutes

Saipem UK wished to enhance its knowledge of the behaviour of its SSCV 'S7000' for a removal and transportation solution for both the lifting and ...