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Assessment of the minimum speed requirement in safe return to port

May 1, 2019

The present paper discusses the aspects of how to assess the compliance of cruise ships and RoPax ferries with the requirement for Safe Return to ...
On the importance of service conditions and safety in ship design

Jun 10, 2018

A good ship design is a balanced design, in which the performance is not limited (or outperformed) by one specific characteristic. Today’s ...
On the prediction of weight distribution and its effect on seakeeping

Sep 4, 2016

A ship's mass radii of inertia strongly influence its seakeeping performance. For example, the pitch radius of inertia (kyy) affects pitch motions ...
On the Prediction of Radii of Inertia and their Effect on Seakeeping

May 11, 2015

This paper describes the effect of radii of inertia on ship motions. It gives guidelines for the accuracy required to ensure that the changes in ...
New project to provide insight into passenger ship comfort

Dec 6, 2014

Reading time 6 minutes

MARIN starts a two-year research programme with the passenger ship sector to enhance industry knowledge.
On the Prediction of Wave-added Resistance with Empirical Methods

Nov 1, 2014

THE PREDICTION of wave-added resistance is important for several reasons. In heavy weather safety aspects are most important.Is the ship able to ...
Design Of Towed Transports Using Voyage Simulation Techniques

Oct 1, 2014

The planning, design and post analysis of towed transports can be undertaken using various simulation techniques. They can provide the designers and ...
On The Prediction Of Wave Added Resistance

Jun 11, 2012

Within the Sea Trial Analysis (STA-JIP) and the Service Performance Analysis (SPA-JIP) joint industry projects, a method was developed for the ...
Wave added resistance

Apr 20, 2012

Reading time 3 minutes

Model tests for the evaluation of ship designs should not only be performed in calm water but also in waves. MARIN's new Depressurised Wave Basin ...
Enhancements in Monte Carlo Simulation in SafeTrans 5

Feb 8, 2012

This paper describes the enhancements and capabilities of the recently overhauled SafeTrans voyage design tool released in 2011. The use of the ...
Voyage Simulation Techniques As A Design Tool For Cruise Vessels

Feb 8, 2011

Comfort is a crucial factor on board cruise vessels as it largely determines passenger satisfaction, on board expenditure and passenger return. A ...
Safetrans celebrates 10th anniversary!

Dec 14, 2010

Reading time 3 minutes

With the release of SafeTrans 5 and the active participation of the Safetrans members, it now becomes clear that SafeTrans will be the 'de facto' ...
Integrated design approach helps reduce fuel consumption and emissions

Aug 12, 2009

Reading time 6 minutes

Efforts to reduce emissions continue worldwide. The maritime industry too, is pressing on with initiatives to cut back emissions. Undoubtedly, ...
Challenging wind and waves - their impact on fuel consumption

Aug 22, 2008

Reading time 6 minutes

In challenging wind and waves ships experience loss of speed. This can be 'voluntary', to reduce slamming and severe ship motions, or involuntary ...
Economy, GULLIVER's new travel

Aug 1, 2006

Reading time 3 minutes

Although available since 2001, GULLIVER is for the first time being commercially utilised as a financial tool. Now it is much easier to make sound ...
Scenario simulations for profitable shipping

Sep 1, 2005

Reading time 3 minutes

Within the realm of safety, the shipping industry is continuously searching for a competitive balance between operational performance and building ...
Assessment of LNG transport chains using weather based voyage simulations

Jan 1, 2005

It is well known that the weather can have considerable effects on the delivery reliability of an LNG supply chain. These effects will become even ...
Weather-related economics of natural gas transport for two propulsion plant configurations.

Jan 1, 2004

It has always been difficult to incorporate the effect of environmental conditions into an economical evaluation. This study shows that scenario ...

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