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Prediction of underwater radiated noise from propeller cavitation during concept design

17 Oct 2022

There is growing concern about the impact of underwater radiated noise (URN) on marine life. One of the main sources of URN of ships is propeller ...
Risk reduction by cavitation control

1 Jun 2019

Reading time 9 minutes

As all kinds of stakeholders regarding cavitation-related issues are represented in CRS, cavitation has been a major research topic through the CRS ...
Using the FW-H equation for hydroacoustics of propellers

28 Sep 2015

Marine propeller noise and vibration has been studied in order to reduce acoustic signature, improve fatigue life and comfort onboard, and, more ...
Marine propeller acoustic modelling - comparing CFD results with an acoustic analogy method

31 May 2015

Propeller noise and vibration is important in the design of ships in order to improve comfort, reduce signature or mitigate environmental impact. ...
Computational and Experimental Prediction of Propeller Cavitation Noise

21 May 2015

Computational and experimental methods for the prediction of underwater-radiated noise due to propeller cavitation as in use at MARIN are discussed ...
Implementing The Ffowcs Williams-Hawkings Acoustic Analogy Into A Viscous CFD Solver

30 Sep 2014

This paper details the verification of an FW-H equation implementation within the CFD code, ReFRESCO, as well as comparing results obtained with ...
Scale effects on hull pressure fluctuations due to cavitating propellers

1 Oct 2012

In this paper we describe several scale effects that may occur on cavitating propellers and the resulting (low-frequency) hull pressure ...
Investigation of Hull Pressure Pulses, Making Use of Two Large Scale Cavitation Test Facilities

13 Aug 2012

The well-known ship model basins MARIN of The Netherlands and HSVA of Germany have joint forces to investigate the problem of the occasional ...
Prediction of Propeller-Induced Hull-Pressure Fluctuations

25 Nov 2011

The cavitating propeller often forms the primary source of noise and vibration on board ships. The propeller induces hydroacoustic pressure ...
The influence of the wake scale effect on the prediction of hull pressures due to cavitating propellers

15 Jun 2011

In this paper, the scale effect on the wake field of ship models is shown to be an important cause of prediction inaccuracies of hull pressure ...
On Predicting Cavitation-Induced Hull Pressure Fluctuations - Wake Scale Effects And Signal Variability

24 Nov 2010

This paper presents research efforts currently made to incorporate the influence of wake scaling and signal variability in scale model experiments ...
Computation of hull-pressure fluctuations due to non-cavitating propellers

24 Jun 2009

This paper describes a new coupling procedure of two boundary element methods aimed at computing propellerinduced hull-pressure fluctuations. The ...
Computational Analysis of Propeller Sheet Cavitation and Propeller Ship Interaction

26 Mar 2008

This paper describes a computational procedure which is being developed for the practical analysis of propeller sheetcavitation and propeller-ship ...
Achievements and challenges in cavitation research on ship propellers

9 May 2007

Cavitation occurs on nearly all ship propellers. It may lead to expensive problems if not acknowledged in an early design stage. The two most ...
A spatial extrapolation technique for sparse measurements of propeller induced hull-pressures using an inverse acoustic boundary element method

1 Sep 2006

This paper presents a computational method for obtaining a complete description of the propeller-induced fluctuating ship hull-pressure field on the ...
Cavitation Research On Ship Propellers - A Review Of Achievements And Challenges

1 Sep 2006

This paper reviews cavitation research on ship propellers performed in the recent past in MARIN’s Depressurized Towing Tank and cavitation tunnels. ...
Determination of propeller source strength from hull-pressure measurements

28 Jun 2006

This paper presents a computational technique for the determination of the propeller source strength given a set of hull-pressure measurements. The ...
Inboard noise from cavitating propeller tip vortices

1 Sep 2005

Reading time 3 minutes

An increasing number of MARIN's clients consider low-frequent, broadband excitation caused by cavitating propeller tip vortices as the most ...
Recent Developments in predicting propeller-induced hull pressure pulses

20 Jun 2005

Collapsing cavities on or in Üie vicinity of ship propeller blades cause pressure pulses which excite the huil structure above the propeller. ...
Aspects of the cavitating propeller tip vortex as a source of inboard noise and vibration

1 Jan 2005

This paper surveys fluid dynamic-acoustic mechanisms that may explain low-frequent, broadband hull excitation experienced on board of ships and ...
EXCALIBUR cuts through acoustic problems

1 Aug 2004

Reading time 6 minutes

MARIN's acoustic panel code for propeller source strength determination lives up to the legend.