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I advise within special model testing projectsI design multicomponent force balancesI analyze the multicomponent calibration into a matrix calibration.

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6-component propeller blade/shaft balance provides important insight

Aug 17, 2017

Reading time 6 minutes

MARIN designed a podded propulsor model with an internal motor and rotating 6-component force and moment shaft balance.
Propeller-ice Impacts Measurements with a Six-component Blade Load Sensor

Jun 1, 2013

The impact of ice on a propeller is a complex process, which most likely results into a milling or crushing process, or a combination of both. The ...
Development of a Six-component Blade Load Measurement Test Setup for Propeller-Ice Impact

Jul 1, 2012

The impact of ice on a propeller is a complex process, which most likely results into a milling or crushing process, or a combination. The highly ...

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