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Can a computer learn to sail an Optimist with AI?

29 Mar 2024

Put a child in an Optimist and it will learn how to sail intuitively, without understanding the details of aerodynamics and hydrodynamics. This ...
Machine Learning project kicks off

28 Jun 2023

MARIN has launched AI Sail, a pilot project examining machine learning. In this project, we will let an algorithm learn to sail an Optimist in our ...
Consistency assesment of wave directional spectrum predictions from machine learning based ship-as-a-wave-buoy methods

5 Jun 2022

Real-time knowledge of the ocean wave directional spectrum is valuable for maritime safety and navigation. When end-to-end machine learning is used ...
Ship As a Wave Buoy - Estimating Full Direction Wave Spectra From In-service Ship Motion Measurements Using Deep Learning

1 Aug 2020

The ocean wave directional spectrum is an important wave characteristic for maritime safety and navigation. Accurate estimation of directional ...
Real Time Estimation of Local Wave Characteristics from Ship Motions Using Artificial Neural Networks

22 Sep 2019

Wave characteristics such as significant wave height, peak period and main direction have an important effect on all aspects of ship operations. ...

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