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Improving the safety of passenger ships with the MARIN Ferry

30 Sep 2021

In 2018 MARIN participated in the investigation directed by the Sewol Investigation Commission on the sinking of theKorean ferry M/V Sewol. The ship ...
Reliability analysis of crabbing manoeuvre

16 Dec 2020

In this study reliability analysis methods are applied to the crabbing manoeuvre of a ship. The objective is to express the crabbing capability of a ...
Sewol ferry capsizing and flooding

4 Mar 2020

The capsizing and sinking of Sewol close to the South Korean coast in fair weather on April 16, 2014 caused the death of 304 people. In December ...
Heel angles in turn and passenger safety

4 Mar 2020

The present paper addresses the issue of heel angles in turn, focusing on experimental results, existing regulations and passenger safety. ...
Estimating Berthing Performance of Twin Shaft Ship by means of CFD

22 Sep 2019

Estimating ship low-speed manoeuvrability is a crucial and challeng-ing task especially in early design sign stage. It is essential in case of ...
Influence of Skeg on Ship Manoeuvrability at High and Low Speeds

22 Sep 2019

This paper presents the results of manoeuvring model tests and CFD calculations for a twin-screw ferry with different skeg lengths. The impact of ...
Uncertainty analysis of free running manoeuvring model test on a modern ferry, with emphasis on heel angles

9 Jun 2019

This paper presents an uncertainty study on the manoeuvring behaviour of a twin screw ferry. In particular, we are interested in heel angles that ...
Quantifying the Uncertainty of the Crabbing Capability

17 Jun 2018

Crabbing is a critical manoeuvre that requires all of the ship’s propulsors to counteract environmental forces. It is acomplex hydrodynamic scenario ...
On the importance of service conditions and safety in ship design

10 Jun 2018

A good ship design is a balanced design, in which the performance is not limited (or outperformed) by one specific characteristic. Today’s ...
Preliminary considerations on a unified model for hydrodynamic forces

4 Jul 2016

Choosing the correct formulation for setting the manoeuvring kinematic and dynamic quantities into non-dimensional form becomes critical when low ...
A benchmark program for comparing hydrodynamic forces obtained from simulations and captive tests

15 Oct 2014

The purpose of this paper is to present a benchmark program for comparing hydrodynamic coefficients calculated by manoeuvring prediction software ...