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A Laboratory Study of the Effects of Size, Density, and Shape on the Wave-Induced Transport of Floating Marine Litter

11 Jul 2024

Floating marine litter is transported by several mechanisms, including surface waves. In studies of marine litter transport, the wave-induced drift ...
Wave Basin Tests of a Multi-Body Floating PV System Sheltered by a Floating Breakwater

26 Apr 2024

The development of floating photovoltaic systems (FPV) for coastal and offshore locations requires a solid understanding of a design’s hydrodynamic ...
Wave basin tests to demonstrate an integrated floating breakwater and solar farm concept

29 Mar 2024

The Horizon Europe project SUREWAVE (2022-2025) aims to develop a floating solar farm for offshore environments.An existing design of interconnected ...
MARIN investigates VIM response of semi-submersible floaters

20 Dec 2023

MARIN develops a novel co-simulation approach to assess the effect of mooring and risers on the Vortex Induced Motion (VIM) response of a ...
the Floating Future is near!

31 Oct 2023

Together with a group of partners, we have initiated the Floating Future project to better understand the pros and cons of developing floating ...
Investigating the Effect of Damping Originating from Mooring and Risers on the VIM Response of a Semi-Submersible Floater Using Coupled CFD-Time-Domain Simulations

1 May 2023

The Vortex Induced Motion (VIM) response of multi-column semi-submersible floaters may have a significant impact on the predicted fatigue life of ...
Floating solar concepts under scrutiny

20 Apr 2023

More than 70% of the surface of our blue planet is covered with water. The Netherlands lies on a river delta and is inextricably linked to the sea. ...
Experimental study on a breaking-enforcing floating breakwater

11 Apr 2022

Floating breakwaters are moored structures that attenuate wave energy through a combination of reflection and dissipation. Studies into floating ...
Successful tests of ReShore’s ‘living breakwater’ design

8 Apr 2022

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MARIN aims to stimulate innovations by small and mediumsized enterprises (SMEs) in the Dutch maritime sector. One of the means is the annual ...