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Nicola Grasso

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Performance at Sea

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Real Time Estimation of Local Wave Characteristics from Ship Motions Using Artificial Neural Networks

22 Sep 2019

Wave characteristics such as significant wave height, peak period and main direction have an important effect on all aspects of ship operations. ...
Digital twinning in harsh weather

13 Sep 2019

MARIN is set to carry out the full-scale monitoring and develop the digital twin of a floating wind prototype off the west coast of Ireland.Subject ...
The Ocean Cleanup System 001 Performance During Towing and Seakeeping Tests

9 Jun 2019

One of the aims of The Ocean Cleanup is to develop technologies to extract plastic pollution from the world’s oceans. Several concepts of passive ...
Experimental investigation of the hydro-elastic behaviour of flexible composite propellers in non-uniform flow at model and full scale

26 May 2019

In this paper, new developments in the measurement technology of the hydro-elastic response of flexible composite propellers are described. The ...
Tackling the growing plastic pollution problem

15 Dec 2018

Reading time 6 minutes

The Ocean Cleanup has developed and built the first prototype of a free-floating cleanup system that will be placed in the North Pacific gyre to ...
Measuring the deformations of a composite propeller at full scale

15 Aug 2018

Reading time 6 minutes

Important measurement data was gathered at full scale to facilitate the design of shape-adaptive propellers. Ship propellers are generally ...
Experimental validation of fluid–structure interaction computations of flexible composite propellers in open water conditions using BEM-FEM and rans-fem methods

7 May 2018

In the past several decades, many papers have been published on fluid–structure coupled calculations to analyse the hydro-elastic response of ...
Optical measurement techniques lead to highly accurate deformation measurements

17 Aug 2017

Reading time 6 minutes

Optical measurement techniques are becoming more and more important for MARIN and its customers.