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Working at MARIN means working at a globally recognised top institute for maritime research. You’ll be working on our key objective: to make shipping – and all things waterborne – clean, smart and safe. Read here what makes working at MARIN so interesting.

Marino Nieuwhof | Ships senior project manager

‘I manage projects from the customer’s initial request right through to final delivery. Many of those projects are aimed at developing an efficient hull design and propulsion system suited to the vessel in question. Optimalisations like these are always challenging, because every vessel design is different. My colleagues and I regularly have to test in our basins whether the design performs as it should. That’s always a tense moment. I’m always happy when we come up with a good design for the client that can be immediately implemented for the ship. As such my job isn’t confined to just managing projects; I’m also concerned with their substance. And that’s what makes this job so interesting and satisfying. Plus, I like the working atmosphere and openness at MARIN. Everyone pulls together to deliver quality for our clients.’
Werken bij MARIN Marino Nieuwhof
Werken bij MARIN Joleen van Dijk


‘Four years ago, I asked my teacher if he knew of a good internship for me. I was studying the all-round furniture maker/ship’s interiors course, but I knew that interiors wasn’t for me. It was then that my teacher suggested ‘model maker’ at MARIN. It was something completely different and that alone made it intriguing. I found the work nice and interesting; I felt completely at home in the job. At that point there weren’t any vacancies, but after a few months a job came up. That’s when I thought, I can’t let this chance pass me by, so I started an on-the-job traineeship as a model maker because I wanted to round off my education and gain a qualification. Luckily MARIN allowed me the room to do that. Now, three years later, I’ve gained my qualification and I’m training to become a CADCAM engineer. I think it’s great that MARIN offers growth opportunities so that people can see what really suits them and broaden their skills.’

WILCO VAN OMMEREN | Performance at Sea project engineer

‘Working at MARIN means doing something meaningful. You work as part of a single big team on projects that have an impact in the maritime sector. What struck me when I started at MARIN was how enthusiastic my colleagues are about their work and that gets you going too! What’s more, MARIN gives you the opportunity to take various training courses or to study while you’re working. During my part-time study I could always approach colleagues in different departments to bounce ideas around about all kinds of questions. It’s also great that you can make use of all the high-tech software and equipment -- and of course the facilities MARIN is known for. Once I’d rounded off my studies, MARIN immediately offered me a range of opportunities to progress and to put my new-found knowledge into practice. With the goal of pulling together to make the maritime sector smarter, cleaner, and safer.’
Werken bij MARIN Wilco van Ommeren
Werken bij MARIN Priya Gupta

Priya Gupta | software engineer

‘I saw the vacancy for software engineer at MARIN on LinkedIn, and I was amazed to learn about their independent research for the maritime industry. I was interested in joining the company because of their mission of smarter, safer, and cleaner ship operations. Luckily, I cracked the job interview! I’m responsible for developing software applications for project managers, engineers, and clients. I still remember the day I visited MARIN’s facility basins for the first time – I felt like I was in some kind Star Trek movie! It’s really great working at MARIN because they offer an encouraging environment for learning, growing, and excelling. PS. Before joining, I had to return to India for personal reasons. Then the corona pandemic hit, and I was stuck there. But MARIN helped me to work remotely – a big thanks for that!’


‘As a researcher in the R&D department I work on developing new analysis techniques relevant to the maritime industry. I also make them accessible to colleagues from other departments and MARIN’s clients. With my background in Maritime Technology, I’ve long worked with model-driven approaches, using numerical models to accurately predict flows around ships and propellers. Several years ago, I transferred to MARIN’s Data Science Team, where we use a more data-driven approach and modern Artificial Intelligence and machine learning techniques. MARIN offered me the opportunity to take a range of courses on machine learning, an interesting and broadly applicable field. My experience is that sector-specific knowledge will always remain a crucial factor in completing a project successfully. Working together with experts from different disciplines, both inside and outside MARIN, is key.’
Werken bij MARIN Douwe Rijpkema
Werken bij MARIN Erik-Jan de Ridder


‘As team leader of the Renewable Energy Team, I’m responsible for all our projects focussed on generating green energy at sea: from wave energy to floating wind turbines and all the ships needed to position and maintain them. We apply the knowledge we’ve already acquired in the fields of marine technology and oil and gas drilling at sea to this relatively new market. But we’re also developing new technologies specifically for this market, so that we can further improve support for our clients in their challenging hydrodynamic developments. Alternating between contract work, long-term development and research makes this a challenging and varied job. It offers me a great deal of personal satisfaction to be able to contribute to the clean energy challenge facing society and to work towards a sustainable future for generations to come.’