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Seven Oceans Simulator Centre

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Introducing the new Seven Oceans Simulator Centre

Dec 15, 2017

Reading time 6 minutes

The tugmaster looks outside the window. A huge aircraft carrier sails in front of him. The pilot on board asks him to pull astern, to slow down the ...
Artificial ice research provides fresh insight

Apr 30, 2015

Reading time 6 minutes

MARIN has experimented with artificial ice in recent model test campaigns to give the industry better insight into working in inhospitable ...
Simulation training for safe operations in ice

Jan 21, 2013

Reading time 3 minutes

Simulation training for safe operations in ice With demand for training for ice operations increasing, MARIN extends its ice simulation capabilities.
Deep water anchor handling simulation

Apr 23, 2012

The article elaborates on a previous paper presented at MARSIM 2009 (Bovens, ea.) and focuses on recent developments in the field of Deepwater ...
Slowly varying wave drift forces in shallow water at forward speed

Jan 1, 1998

This paper is concerned with the development and application of hydrodynamic theory required for the prediction of wave drift damping phenomena as ...