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Propeller Load Variations for Maneuvering Ships in Waves

20 Mar 2024

This paper presents a method that can predict the load variations on propellers of ships that are maneuvering in waves. A two time-scales approach ...
The heel influence on ship manoeuvrability: Single and twin-screw surface vessels

15 Dec 2022

Low transverse metacentric height and high speed are peculiar destabilising factors in ship manoeuvrability according to the attainable large ...
Manoeuvring experiments, mathematical model and sensitivity analysis for test-case ferry

24 May 2022

This paper presents an overview of an experimental and numerical campaign for a test-case ferry. The study consisted in captive model tests, free ...
An Extensive Experimental Investigation of Shallow- and Confined-Water Effects on the Manoeuvring Forces of a 110m Inland Ship

22 May 2022

Due to the complexity of the physics in shallow water and lack of benchmark, more insights are needed to derive accurate mathematical models for ...
Assessment of the Manoeuvrability Characteristics of a Twin Shaft Naval Vessel Using an Open-Source CFD Code

16 Jun 2021

The purpose of this study is to assess the quality of the manoeuvre prediction of a twinshaft naval vessel by means of a time-domain simulator based ...
Scale Effects on Free Running Model Tests

11 Sep 2015

Free running manoeuvring model tests are one of most used model tests to quickly assess the manoeuvrability of a ship. The results of these tests ...
Mathematical Model for Efficient Prediction of Lifeboat Sailaway Performance in Calm Water and Waves

1 Jun 2015

Free fall lifeboats have been developed for emergency evacuation from offshore installations, when conventional means of transportation cannot be ...
New benchmark data for manoeuvring in shallow water based on free running manoeuvring tests including uncertainty of the results

1 Jun 2015

This paper gives the results of free running model tests for the KVLCC2 in shallow water. The paper describes how free running model tests in ...
Validation of a Software Tool (DROPSIM) to Predict the 'Drop and Getaway' Behaviour of a Lifeboat

1 Jun 2015

The purpose of a free fall lifeboat is to evacuate people from platforms in case of emergency, and when other, normal means of evacuation, are not ...