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Michiel Verhulst

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Powering, Analysis & Prediction

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Propulsion tests - quasi-steady for efficiency and quality

Aug 17, 2017

Reading time 3 minutes

Report explains why the quasi-steady approach is gradually replacing the conventional method in model propulsion tests.
Validation of Quasi-steady Model Propulsion Tests

Sep 28, 2015

During a measurement run of a quasi-steady model propulsion test, the loading (RPM) of the propeller(s) is gradually changed at a constant carriage ...
EEDI Values of Small General Cargo Ships

Oct 25, 2013

As from January 2013 the new Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) regulations as amended in MARPOL Annex VI are being enforced, aiming at a ...
Proposed changes to EEDI framework for small general cargo ships

Jan 21, 2013

Reading time 6 minutes

Proposed changes to EEDI framework for small general cargo ships The Centre for Maritime Technology and Innovation, part of the Holland Shipbuilding ...
Voyage Planner in RISING success

Aug 31, 2012

Reading time 3 minutes

MARIN was tasked with modelling the hydrodynamics of an inland waterway vessel for the EU-backed RISING project, which Report highlights here.
Correlation of speed-power predictions by model tests

Aug 26, 2010

Reading time 6 minutes

Speed-power prediction plays an essential role in ship design. At MARIN the unique combination of model-scale and full-scale services are present, ...
New stereo-PIV system proves a valuable tool for flow measurements

Dec 24, 2009

Reading time 6 minutes

Stereo Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) is an advanced measuring technique for obtaining 3D velocity information in a plane. PIV can be used to ...
Saving time with quasi-steady technique

Dec 24, 2009

Reading time 6 minutes

The quasi-steady measurement technique, the latest development in propulsion testing, comes under the spotlight.

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