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Haite van der Schaaf

Senior Project Manager

Measurement & Controls Systems

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Control design for a multi-regime 6-DOF underwater vehicle; development of MARIN’s modular AUV

Sep 16, 2019

Reading time 5 minutes

MARIN is designing and building a modular autonomous underwater vehicle (mAUV). The vehicle will serve as a platform for research projects to be ...
Design of an Underwater Vehicle for use in Basin Experiments, Development of MARIN's Modular AUV

Sep 16, 2019

MARIN is designing and building a modular autonomous underwater vehicle (mAUV). The vehicle will serve as a platform for research projects on ...
New North Sea route structure improves safety around future wind farms

Aug 19, 2016

Reading time 6 minutes

MARIN has performed several safety studies for Belgian and Dutch wind farms over the years in order to assess the impact on shipping. Recently, this ...
How Does Barge-Master Compensate for the Barge Motions: Experimental and Numerical Study

Sep 27, 2012

To increase workability and safety in tough environmental conditions, and to create a more economical alternative for jack-up barges, Barge-Master ...
MARIN advances model thruster control technology

Dec 24, 2009

Reading time 6 minutes

Thruster load measurements, combined with advanced control systems, give insight into the operational aspects of dynamically positioned vessels. ...
Energy saving technique hits the headlines

Sep 1, 2003

Reading time 3 minutes

The joint industry project PELS (Project Energy-saving air-Lubricated Ships) being carried out at MARIN is the focus of much public and scientific ...
New measurement and control systems - the integrated approach

Dec 1, 2000

Reading time 3 minutes

Demand is growing for increasingly complex model tests, where a ship's hydrodynamic behaviour and its propulsion capabilities are measured and ...

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