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MARIN Report is our corporate magazine. The magazine focusses on recent projects and keeps readers informed of the latest research. MARIN Report is issued three times a year and is available in print and online. Read recent and previous issues online or make an account to receive your own personal copy.

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Ellen te Winkel

Communications Advisor

OC6 Phase 1a: CFD Simulations of the Free-Decay Motion of the DeepCwind Semisubmersible

Jan 5, 2022

Currently, the design of floating offshore wind systems is primarily based on mid-fidelity models with empirical drag forces. The tuning of the ...
On the Simulation of Low Reynolds Number Flows using the RANS Equations with Eddy-Viscosity and Transition Models

Jan 3, 2022

This paper presents the results obtained with an incompressible flow solver for the two-dimensional test cases proposed for the first AIAA CFD ...
Predicting Transition for the 6:1 Prolate Spheroid Using the RANS Equations

Jan 3, 2022

The incorporation of the effects of laminar-to-turbulent transition in CFD has become a topic of growing importance, due to the inability of well ...