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Advancing knowledge of foiling vessels

27 Jun 2023

The Foil Design JIP is a research project focused on enhancing hydrodynamic knowledge for the early design phase of foiling vessels. It specifically ...
Fixed and Control Motion Response of a Surface-Piercing Hydrofoil in Multiphase Flow and in Waves

26 Jun 2022

The objective of this work is to investigate the hydrodynamic and hydroelastic response of a surface-piercing hydrofoil at fixed attitudes and ...
Experimental investigations on conventional and unconventional boost systems to assist take-off of hydrofoil crafts

11 Mar 2021

In 2020, a dedicated research regarding the take-off was granted. The objective was to investigate experimentally unconventional solutions to ...
Experimental methods for investigation of foiling crafts

16 Nov 2020

An overview of the most recent experimental and numerical methods performed in the past years at MARIN is presented with respect to the applications ...
Foiling future and the Wageningen Φ-series JIP proposal

21 Jan 2020

MARIN’s main research objective is to develop new concepts for foiling vessels (possibly combined with a foil integrated electric propulsion ...
Prediction methods for sailing yachts in the early design phase

15 Aug 2018

Reading time 6 minutes

Recent sailing yacht projects have highlighted the importance of getting involved in the design process as early as possible. And given the ...
Ventilation of Lifting Bodies: Review of the Physics and Discussion of Scaling Effects

12 Jan 2017

Ventilation is relevant to the performance, safety, and controllability of marine vessels, propulsors, and control surfaces that operate at or near ...
Complex hull shapes need sophisticated assessment

21 Aug 2015

Reading time 6 minutes

Leading dredging company Van Oord asked MARIN to perform a full assessment of the hull lines of its new hopper dredger.
Research report
Analysing numerical flow computations for practical ship hull form design

2 Nov 2014

This invited lecture stressed the importance of analysis of the computed flow and wave pattern around a ship hull, aiming at understanding the ...
The nature of nonlinear effects in ship wave making

1 Feb 1997

This paper reconsiders the validity of linearised wave resistance theories and studies "nonlinear effects", which we here define as those effects ...