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Non-Linear Wave Run-Up Along the Side of Sailing Ships Causing Green Water on Deck - Experiments and Deterministic Calculation

1 aug. 2020

Experiments with a flat plate in oblique waves at different speeds, wave conditions, headings and drift speed were done to evaluate non-linear wave ...
Linking Experimental and Numerical Wave Modelling

13 mrt. 2020

Experimental or numerical analysis of the response of ships and other floating structures starts with correct environmental modelling. The ...
Validation of CFD for a deterministic breaking wave impact on a semi submersible

3 okt. 2016

For structural design, prediction of run-up, green water and impact loads have to be taken into account, to assure the integrity and safety of ...
Validation of CFD for run-up and wave impact on a semi submersible

9 mrt. 2016

To assess the integrity and safety of structures offshore, prediction of run-up, green water, and impact loads needs to be made during the ...
Towards Large-Eddy Simulation Of Complex Flows In Maritime Applications

22 jul. 2014

Turbulent flows in maritime applications usually contain a wide range of length and time scales, especially for high Reynolds numbers. Therefore, it ...
On novel simulation methods for complex flows in maritime applications

7 okt. 2012

A novel aspect of our research will be to implement the regularization model on unstructured grids. The symmetry preserving discretization and ...