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Henk Prins studied Applied Mathematics at Delft University of Technology. He then focused on numerical modelling of ship motions in waves, completing a PhD in 1995. He moved to MARIN, where he become involved in software development, of both numerical tools and user interfaces. He managed the software development department for 6 years, while managing large projects on full-mission bridge simulators and on design tools. Since 2007 he manages the R&D department of MARIN. This department is mainly focusing on advanced numerical tools and their validation with experiments. Henk is heavily involved in European research projects, and has lead two large projects on ship propulsion. He chaired the European research association ?Vessels for the Future?, bringing together all maritime stakeholders, such as yards, suppliers, research institutes, academia, and class societies. He is currently chairing the research association Waterborne Technology Platform, that is defining a research agenda for the whole waterborne sector, which includes inland and maritime transport, blue growth, and ports and logistics. At national level, he participated in setting up research roadmaps such as ?De Nationale Wetenschapsagenda?.

Expertise areas
In-depth study of shallow water

Sep 13, 2019

Reading time 6 minutes

A number of studies have cast a new light on ship resistance in shallow water. While previously, tests in shallow-water basins were essentially ...
Better Ships, blue Oceans!

Dec 15, 2017

Reading time 9 minutes

The next few years are essential for the future of the maritime sector and MARIN. We are facing the challenge of clean (zero emission) transport ...
Green retrofitting through optimisation of hull-propulsion interaction - GRIP

Apr 18, 2016

In the FP7 project GRIP, partners have extensively studied Energy Saving Devices which improve the propulsive efficiency of ships. This paper gives ...
Suppression Of underwater Noise Induced by Cavitation: SONIC

Apr 18, 2016

In EU FP7 project SONIC, partners set out in October 2012 to study the underwater radiated noise of ships and shipping. This paper gives an overview ...
MARIN invests in the future as CFD takes on more prominent role

Aug 21, 2015

Reading time 6 minutes

To facilitate the use of reliable CFD in the design and engineering process, MARIN has invested in a new, large computer cluster, and is sharing its ...
To R&D or not to R&D, that is a question?

Feb 1, 2007

Reading time 6 minutes

Hydrodynamic research and development are both pillars of MARIN's foundations and they have been since the very beginning. In order to deliver the ...
Application of Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics in Yacht Design

Jan 1, 1998

This paper describes the recent extension of the potential flow code RAPID with modules for lifting surfaces (rudders and keels), asymmetric flows, ...
Time-Domain Calculations of Drift Forces and Moments

Mar 31, 1995

In this thesis we study the effect of the forward speed of a ship on the hydrodynamic forces, in particular the drift forces. Previous studies, ...

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