Future proofing fish farming

AuthorsHelen Hill (maritime journalist)
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 125
DateDec 15, 2018
Reading time12 minutes

Viewpoint Seafarm and the Spider Cage concepts are both innovative, offshore fish farm solutions based on semisubmersible technology. Viewpoint Seafarm comprises a hub, which is (semi) supporting four floating net cages interconnected through a dedicated hinge system. Each floater has a projected area (seen from above) of approximately 50 m x 35 m. In the tests it has been demonstrated that the cages provide the required stability to survive conditions up to Hs 11 m.

The Spider Cage is a completely different concept designed to keep sea lice out of the farm. A dedicated barrier, with a diameter of approximately 100 m, has been constructed shielding the actual fish cage from heavy sea conditions and lice. Tests have been performed up to sea states of 11 m with and without current, where general motions, accelerations, loads and sloshing have been assessed.


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Viewpoint Seafarm
Spider cage concept
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