Comparing azimuthing thrusters and conventional shaftlines for propulsive efficiency of pushboatbarge convoys

AuthorsJoost Schot, Erik Rotteveel
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 128
DateJan 21, 2020
Reading time3 minutes

Azimuthing thrusters can serve as an interesting alternative to conventional shaftlines. But how does this affect powering performance and efficiency? A RaNS-BEM approach is used to calculate the propulsive performance of both configurations. The flow around the pushboat-barge convoy is computed with our CFD code ReFRESCO for viscous flows, while the propeller flow is calculated using a  Boundary Element Method. The calculations are performed with propulsors underneath the pushboat and for open-water conditions to better understand the propeller-hull interaction effects.

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azimuthing thrustersshaflinespowering perfomanceefficiency