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WINDLASS JIP - a better grip on high windage vessels

AuthorsHenk van den Boom
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 127
Date13 Sep 2019
Container ships, cruise vessels and LNG carriers feature increasingly large windage and have to navigate into ports through waterways and locks, and finally berth safely at terminals which are exposed to severe wind. Recent incidents indicate that limiting wind conditions are reached earlier than in the past. On May 22 the WINDLASS Joint Industry Project was launched.
Normally the wind is forecasted based on a reference height of 10 m. Large windage ships however encounter much stronger winds at 30 and 40 m height, as well as variations over their length. This can result in high drift angles, large berthing loads and extreme mooring line loads.


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The Wind loads and Securing Ships (WINDLASS) Joint Industry Project has been initiated by MARIN, KRVE, Eindhoven University of Technology and WHIFFLE to investigate the 3D wind field encountered by large vessels in ports, waterways and locks to quantify the wind loads and consequences.
Wind prediction by Finecasting
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