VPLP | Marc van Peteghem

AuthorsHelen Hill (maritime journalist)
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 129
Date14 May 2020
VPLP is a renowned, international team of naval architects and designers who have been working in the sail and motor craft  industry for 30 years.

Marc Van Peteghem is a French naval architect and co-founder of VPLP.Marc van Peteghem explains the motivations to become increasingly involved in solutions to decarbonise maritime transport. He highlights the Canopee project and the Energy Observer fitted with ‘Oceanwings’.


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Marc Van Peteghem: “The wind is free, clean and available everywhere. There are solutions to clean emissions - scrubbers, clean fuels like hydrogen, biofuel, etc… and there are solutions to minimise the engine power required to sustain a given speed but the only ‘two digits’ (percentage of saving) possibility is using wind power. In the future we believe ships will be propelled using a mix of aeolian and photovoltaic energy and probably hydrogen. Reducing the speed is very effective in reducing emissions."

Energy Observer fitted with two 'Oceanwings'