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Virtual monitoring added to MARIN’s portfolio of services

AuthorsIngo Drummen, Remco Hageman
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 127
Date13 Sep 2019
One of the core services of MARIN is to carry out measurement campaigns on board and to analyse the collected data. MARIN is now combining decades of developments in hydrostructural tools with online wave hindcast models to perform virtual monitoring.


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Ingo Drummen

Teamleader Hydro-Structural Services

Remco Hageman

Senior Project Manager

Until now, MARIN usually performed monitoring using accurate sensors and a fully synchronised system. However, not all monitoring questions require the same accuracy. For instance, to quantify the performance of a numerical tool, a traditional, highly accurate system is required. On the other hand, when a global idea of the consumed fatigue budget is of concern, a more cost-effective measurement system with lower instantaneous accuracy could provide sufficient information. Currently, MARIN is developing a broader range of monitoring systems to more specifically serve the needs of our clients.
MARIN virtual monitoring

Finite element model of USCGC STRATTON overlaying the actual ship

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