Towards large-scale FPV

AuthorsWilliam Otto
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 132
Date30 Sep 2021
Floating Photovoltaics (FPV) is a rapidly growing market. The first commercial FPV plant, which was around 170 kWp, was realised in 2008 on an irrigation pond in California. Today, more than 2 GWp is installed globally.


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William Otto

Senior Project Manager

a rapid increase of inshore floating solar

MARIN has worked on two major inland water projects. Four different designs were tested at Lake Slufter on the Maasvlakte in 2017. Here MARIN monitored the system dynamics with a range of sensors. Then in 2020 a successor project was realised at the Oostvoornse Meer (Lake). In addition to onsite instrumentation, MARIN also had the
chance to work on the numerical simulations of the hydrodynamics.
MARIN Towards large-scale FPV

Floating solar energy systems Oostvoornse Lake | Courtesy TNO