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The path towards zero emission shipping

AuthorsChristian Veldhuis
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 131
Date7 Apr 2021
Zero emission shipping is top on the agenda of our sector. The paths to get there and the final solutions are different and depend on many aspects, such as the ship type, the operation, fuel, technology availability and (anticipated) costs of course. We know zero emission shipping will not be feasible for all ships in the coming 10-20 years but with a lifetime of 30 years there should be a clear focus on the future zero emission technologies.


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Christian Veldhuis

Team Leader Ships - Simulation & Development | Senior Project Manager | Research coordinator Zero Emission Shipping

To reach zero emission shipping we need to work together

In October we launched our ZERO JIP. With 19 participants we aim to design, build and test prototype Engine Rooms of the Future. To do so we are currently building our Zero Emission Lab; the modular lab-scale replica of the Engine Room of the Future, where we are bringing control, power and energy technologies together, such as clean fuel combustion engines, fuel cells, batteries, hydrogen and methanol in an electrical grid coupled to a propeller and other consumers.

To reach zero emission shipping Dutch Maritime Master Plan has been drafted

Zero Emission LAB
The Zero Emission Lab integrates power and the hydro propulsion system and enables the representative coupling of the propulsion hydrodynamics with the power supply. ZEL is a unique test facility worldwide for the research and testing of future marine propulsion and power systems, applying realistic, dynamic operating profiles.