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Tackling the challenge of hydro-structural response

AuthorsGeert Kapsenberg, Ingo Drummen, Sime Malenica (Bureau Veritas)
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 126
Date1 Jun 2019
Reading time9 minutes

Evaluating the wave induced, structural response is of fundamental importance in the process of the design verification of a ship’s structural integrity. CRS is performing state-of-the-art research in this field. 

Hydro-structure interactions include a variety of complex physical phenomena which should be taken into account from both the quasi-static (low frequency wave loading), and fully dynamic (springing, whipping…) points of view. The most critical part of the problem is related to the efficient modelling of the seakeeping behaviour, which should include both the global (wave diffraction and radiation) and the local (slamming, sloshing, green water …) effects for a ship sailing with arbitrary speed in heavy seas. Due to the extreme complexity of the different  phenomena  involved, and in spite of all the past and recent developments, all the details of the hydro-structure interactions are still not fully mastered today.

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Ingo Drummen

Teamleader Hydro-Structural Services

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