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Successful tests of ReShore’s ‘living breakwater’ design

AuthorsJoep van der Zanden, Frej Gustafsson
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 133
Date8 Apr 2022
Reading time6 minutes
MARIN aims to stimulate innovations by small and mediumsized enterprises (SMEs) in the Dutch maritime sector. One of the means is the annual granting of free basin time for model testing for up to six SMEs.

These SME basin slots allow these companies to test their innovation at an early stage in the design process. Such early-concept tests help designers to obtain a solid understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of their initial design - lessons that prove highly valuable when advancing their design to a higher technology readiness level.


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Joep van der Zanden

Senior Project Manager

Combining mussel aquaculture andfloating breakwaters

A particularly innovative concept tested in 2021 was the ‘living breakwater’ designed by ReShore, a Wageningen-based startup founded by Frej Gustafsson (aquaculture lead) and Mitchell Williams (business lead). Their living breakwater combines traditional floating breakwater engineering with shellfish and seaweed aquaculture. The
combination of these elements aims to create a nature-inclusive tool for the application in and around harbours or for shoreline protection.
Frej Gustafsson and Mitchell Williams testing their ‘living breakwater’ in MARIN’s Concept Basin

The living breakwater was testet during a two-week campaign in MARIN Basin

Frej Gustafsson and Mitchell Williams testing their 'living breakwater' in MARIN'S Concept Basin