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Studies for a new riverbank connection in Rotterdam

AuthorsMartin van der Wel
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 134
Date12 Dec 2022
Reading time6 minutes
As part of a long-term spatial planning programme on housing a new riverbank connection is being designed in the city of Rotterdam. It crosses the New Meuse River, which is one of the main hinterland connections between the Port of Rotterdam and Germany. Two options - a bridge or a tunnel - at several locations were investigated.

During the initial phase MARIN was asked to make an inventory for a river link from a nautical point of view, which considered (inter-)national legislation, regulations and policies. Based on the inventory, the normative ships, as well as the dimensions of the opening and fixed part of the bridge, were determined.


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Martin van der Wel

Project Manager

MARIN Report 134 Studies for a new riverbank connection in Rotterdam
MARIN was asked to conduct an extensive simulation study to establish the optimal location and minimum dimensions of the opening of the bridge, while taking the local conditions and manoeuvring characteristics of the passing vessels into consideration. A combination of fast-time and real-time simulations were carried out using MARIN’s XMF modelling framework.
Real-time simulations were performed at the full mission bridge simulator by pilots and inland shippers