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Screening for extreme wave events

AuthorsTim Bunnik, Sanne van Essen, Jule Scharnke
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 128
Date21 Jan 2020
Extreme waves can have significant consequences for ships and offshore structures at sea. When hit by a wave local damage may occur, personnel may be endangered or even the total integrity of a ship or platform may be at risk.
However, it is difficult to judge whether or not this risk is at an acceptably low level. A waveimpact risk assessment requires a selection of dangerous sea states and load levels (such as slamming pressures or forces on deck structures) in random realisations of these sea states.


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Tim Bunnik

Senior Researcher

Sanne van Essen

Senior Project Manager

Jule Scharnke

Senior Project Manager

Screening for green water loads on the breakwater

Within CRS Green Water Dynamics, the screening methodology was applied to green water loads on the breakwater of a containership at forward speed in waves. CFD is well able to capture these loads in predefined wave events selected from an experimental, three-hour irregular wave condition. However, how would one define which event to analyse if no model tests are available?

Validation of CFD for green water loading on a container vessel

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