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ReFRESCO successfully coupled to ParaView Catalyst for in-situ analysis

AuthorsMenno Deij-van Rijswijk
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 124
Date15 Aug 2018
Reading time3 minutes

When running complex parallel calculations on thousands of processors, the amount of data generated quickly becomes a bottleneck. To tackle this problem, ReFRESCO has been coupled to ParaView Catalyst.

ReFRESCO is the maritime CFD code used by MARIN to simulate all sorts of maritime problems, from ship resistance and propulsion, propeller performance, wave-, current- and wind loads to fluid structure interaction problems and detailed studies of turbulent flows. However, I/O time and limited capacity for the several terabytes of data generated when deploying ReFRESCO can seriously limit the work of the CFD practitioners.

To avoid this issue, ReFRESCO has been coupled to ParaView Catalyst, which is an existing open source solution for in-situ analysis that performs analysis of the data while the simulation is running. This has several major advantages: first of all, no time is lost in writing to and reading from storage. Secondly, the storage needed for the analysis results is usually much smaller than that required for storing the complete state of the simulation.


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Menno A. Deijvan Rijswijk


Example of free surface captured at each time step for a submarine a the water surface

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