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Reducing exhaust emissions with LNG-ZERO concept

AuthorsFrédérick Jaouën
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 133
Date8 Apr 2022
Reading time6 minutes
LNG-ZERO aims to develop the technology and strategy that are needed for reducing LNG exhaust emissions in order to contribute to a sustainable shipping industry. The project has been awarded a grant of EURO 4.4 million.

This project includes the development of a complete cycle for the application of an advanced LNG-ZERO concept. To do this successfully, the efforts of energy and infrastructure developers, end-users, and important suppliers and system integrators will be combined.


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Frederick Jaouen

Senior Project Manager

achieved by a threefold strategy

The first strategy step will focus on capturing the carbon dioxide (CO2).
The second strategy step aims at reducing the methane slip and nitrogen oxide emissions significantly. The final strategy step brings the captured carbon either to shore for new applications, or directly
offshore for permanent geological storage. Through this threefold strategy, we will achieve a massive reduction of greenhouse gases in the complete chain.