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Real-time simulations to test propulsion alternatives

AuthorsJohan Dekker
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 124
Date15 Aug 2018
Reading time3 minutes

MARIN helps yacht owners make vital decisions about the propulsion and thruster configurations best suited to their yacht by using virtual reality.

If a motor yacht of 112x16 m has to sail a 20 m channel and turn in a basin of 120x116 m, what manoeuvring characteristics are required? This was the challenge a Dutch yard was facing for a new yacht, which was on the drawing board.

Several options were considered for the main propulsion, bow and stern thruster. For example, are fixed pitch propellers (FPP) or continuous pitch propellers (CPP) better for the main propulsion, and should these turn inward or outward? FPP and CPP were also the alternatives for the bow thruster, while three options with retractable azimuthing thrusters were considered for the stern thruster. To investigate the influence of the different alternatives on the ship handling characteristics, the yard and owner’s representative decided to test the options in virtual reality using our full-mission bridge simulator, so that they could experience the difference first hand.


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