Bluewater | Peter Burger

AuthorsHelen Hill (maritime journalist)
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 129
Date14 May 2020
Bluewater Energy Services B.V designs and delivers, leases and operates FPSO and SPM systems. Peter Burger is Vice President Technology, Bluewater Energy Services. He gives his view on developments in the offshore energy market, the energy transition and role of FPSOs.


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the future of ocean energy

Peter Burger: "We believe that offshore production of oil and gas will continue for decades to come so innovation to neutralise the impact to the environment will be needed. Sustainability will drive the offshore industry to contribute noticeably to the energy transition, whilst global energy demand will (return and) keep rising on the horizon. A mix of renewable energy and fossil sources is needed in the next 30 years with gas as the transition fuel."