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Port of Gijón extension project gets the MARIN touch

AuthorsBas Buchner
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 95
Date29 Jan 2009
Reading time6 minutes
Gijón Port Authority (APG) is carrying out a large extension to the port, including a new basin seawards of the present port facilities. But the building process can often be hampered because the local wave climate is dominated by swells. To improve the operability of the operation, UTE Dique Torres (Dragados, FCC, SATO, FPS and Alvargonz‡lez Contratas) asked Deltares (formerly Delft Hydraulics) and MARIN to perform model tests and simulations.


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Bas Buchner


stability, seakeeping and ocean engineeringwaves, impacts and hydrostructuralcfd developmentcfd/simulation/desk studiesmeasurements and controldata sciencetime-domain simulationsrenewablesoil and gasinfrastructuremodel testingloads and responsesmooring and offloadingmotionssimulations