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"The energy transition is the biggest challenge for the passenger vessel sector"

Conference/JournalMARIN Report 132
Date30 Sep 2021
Within the passenger market the most important research topics for MARIN are safety, comfort, and fuel/emission reduction.
Almost all large cruise vessels and many of the smaller cruise vessels operating in the world today have actually been investigated and tested at MARIN. Karola van der Meij, Team Leader for Cruise & Ferry and market coordinator for passenger vessels, comments: “MARIN has extensive experience and a proven track record in this sector.”


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Karola van der Meij

Head of Onboard Specialists

Karola van der Meij, market coordinator for passenger vessels

Studying the spread of infections

A relatively new area for MARIN regarding the safety aspect is investigations into preventing the spread of infections on board. “In our new facility ‘The Atmosphere’, we can control and independently monitor the temperature, relative humidity, ullage pressure and gas composition. We can conduct full-scale experiments of aerosol dispersion in this facility and study its dependence on these environmental factors.