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"For yachting issues we join forces to understand the physics and mechanism of the problem"

Conference/JournalMARIN Report 132
Date30 Sep 2021
The glossy yachting magazines are full of images and stories about newbuilds of unprecedented shapes and sizes: there have never been so many yachts above 60 m built in history.

Boating in general is booming, with the refit and second-hand market also buoyant. One explanation is that having a boat is seen as a safe way for travelling with family and friends, giving the opportunity to sail with a professional crew in a ‘controlled environment’. Furthermore, due to full satellite coverage, it is possible to maintain business relationships from any corner of the seven oceans.


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Enrico Della Valentina

Team Leader Yacht | Senior Project Manager

Enrico Della Valentina, Yacht Team Leader

new complementing services

MARIN works hard to provide the most accurate measurements and calculations but alsoto give the possibility to verify them in real life and experience them before a vessel is built. On top of the traditional services MARIN is renowned for, we are investing in new ones that expand, complement and strengthen the existing offer to our clients, he stresses. We have hired a number of experts such as a psychologist and specialists who can provide a better understanding of the ‘human factor’, meteorologists, plus we have specialists in energy carriers, energy systems and the integration of them with the ship design.