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"The offshore energy sector is going to change dramatically in the coming decade"

AuthorsJaap de Wilde
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 132
Date30 Sep 2021
When talking about the deep water offshore oil & gas industry, most people immediately picture the spectacular megastructures that are simply mindboggling in terms of their size, capital investment, technical complexity and engineering ingenuity. It is almost impossible not to be impressed by what is thrown into the open sea in search of petroleum deep down in the subsea soil.


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Jaap de Wilde

Senior Project Manager

Jaap de Wilde, Project Manager Offshore and Oil & Gas market coordinator


“There are certainly some specific proprietary aspects involved and nobody will naively share data without something in return, but
the common goal for everybody is to design safe and robust platforms in a cost-effective way. MARIN has always been active in the initiation of new Joint Industry Projects with the simple logic that it brings more research for the money to the participants.”