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New McdSeries tool - design CP propellers using the WAGENINGEN CD Series

AuthorsMartin van Hees
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 124
Date15 Aug 2018
Reading time3 minutes

Within the scope of the CD Propeller JIP, a modern, systematic series of controllable pitch propellers (CPP) was developed and tested in open water. The ‘McdSeries’ software tool allows you to design CPP on the basis of these results.

In the CD Propeller JIP, MARIN has developed the WAGENINGEN CD Series of CPP (4 and 5 bladed) and ducted CPP (4 bladed in duct 19A and 37). Thrust, torque and blade spindle torque in open water conditions were measured at model scale in all the positive and negative inflow conditions. As each propeller with a specific design pitch can be operated over a wide operational pitch range, an extensive test programme was carried out. The results of these tests are represented by a database of polynomials and Fourier series for each combination of propeller type, blade area ratio, design pitch and pitch setting.


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Screen shot of McdSeries tool, open water curve of selected CPP design
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