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Nautical studies to investigate the possibilities of two-way traffic in an existing port

AuthorsMartin van der Wel
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 133
Date8 Apr 2022
Reading time12 minutes
As part of a larger Environmental Impact Assessment for realising a dedicated terminal in an existing port, MARIN was
asked to conduct nautical studies to establish the possibilities for two-way traffic.

MARIN has performed several nautical studies in the port before, including the initial studies for a new lock and a mooring analysis for a lightering location where bulk carriers are (un-)loaded.


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The new terminal consists of several dedicated berths along a channel. Due to the new location of the terminal, the existing lightering location will be shifted towards the east. MARIN conducted an extensive dynamic mooring analysis to derive the limits for the new lightering location in terms of passing speed and distance for inbound and outbound traffic for different sizes of single vessels. Based on the results of the first studies, MARIN recently investigated the possibilities of having two-way traffic in the channel and around the turning basin in front of the new lightering location.

Real-time simulations were conducted using MARIN's simulators