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Methanol as an Energy Steptowards Zero-Emission Dutch Shipping (MENENS)

AuthorsChristian Veldhuis
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 133
Date8 Apr 2022
Reading time6 minutes
The goal of MENENS is to accelerate the route to emission-free shipping by developing adaptive system solutions based on methanol. This project has been awarded a grant of EURO 24.3 million.

Sailing on methanol makes a major CO2 reduction possible and is seen in the international maritime sector as one of the most feasible fuels for large-scale introduction in the short to medium term. The 22 partners in the MENENS project represent the Dutch maritime sector right across the board, from fleet owners to ship designers, shipyards and suppliers.


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Christian Veldhuis

Team Leader Ships - Simulation & Development | Senior Project Manager | Research coordinator Zero Emission Shipping

research focus is broad

From in-depth knowledge development on methanol power generation (WP1), storage safety (WP2), system design & integration (WP3), and lab testing including power & energy management and control (WP4), to on board realisation by retrofits, full-scale measurements and validation feedback (WP5-7). Use cases are being defined to look beyond the horizon and envision the ships of the future.

As can be seen, the research focus is broad