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Maximising speed through wind & waves

AuthorsJos Koning
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 130
Date7 Dec 2020
Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV) are essential for the maintenance of offshore wind turbines. Their high speed operation in
waves can benefit from an innovative onboard wave radar, coupled with motion prediction.

In the Do-It JIP MARIN worked closely with partners Radac, Damen, KNRM and NextOcean to improve the workability and safety of fast CTV serving the offshore wind sector.


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Jos Koning

Senior Project Manager

innovative onboard wave radar

An innovative, compact, solid state phased array FMCW radar was
developed by Radac with the assistance of TNO; MARIN and NextOcean formulated a wave inversion model to integrate the
Doppler orbital velocities into a 3D wave system and finally, MARIN developed and validated a numerical model for the fast boat motions.

Wave observations with new radar in range 0-250m

Wave observations with new radar in range 0-250m.