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"The integration of marine systems at the ship concept stage will be key"

Conference/JournalMARIN Report 132
Date30 Sep 2021
Marine Systems represent a vast family of products and solutions, which are pretty difficult to characterise in just a few words. While a hull or a floater are the most obvious and prominent systems that a ship or platform is made of, many systems are integrated on such a hull or floater and contribute to the overall design and performance at sea.


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Guilhem Gaillarde

Manager Ships

Guilhem Gaillarde, Manager of the Ships business unit

Historically, the most important subsystem is the ship’s propeller. Each propeller has its own efficiency, characteristics and performance in open water. A series with specific features can be designed generically, as MARIN did in the 70s with the Wageningen B-series, or more recently as we did in cooperation with propeller manufacturers, yards and naval architects with the C, D and F-series. However, Guilhem Gaillarde, Manager of the Ships business unit and coordinating the Marine Systems market, points out that a careful selection needs to be done to make sure that the selected propeller will fit the actual hull with its appendages and operational profile.