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MARIN launches first ‘Digital Twin’ to investigate reducing emissions

AuthorsGuilhem Gaillarde
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 123
Date25 Apr 2018
Reading time3 minutes
The Netherlands Initiative for Changing Oceans (NICO) is a special oceanographic expedition launched by the Dutch Institute of Sea Research (NIOZ), with its flagship the RV Pelagia. The expedition is taking place over seven months and will cover different areas in the North Atlantic and the Caribbean.
More than 40 research questions from 20 universities and research institutes, including MARIN, have been integrated into the NICO programme: from seabed samples for climate research to viruses, from coral reefs to whales, from shipping noise nuisance to deep-sea mining and sustainable propulsion systems. Radiated noise A propelled ship can suffer from cavitation and related radiated noise, which can have a negative effect on sea life. In order to prevent such nuisance, it is important to understand the phenomenon and the conditions in which it occurs. Therefore, MARIN has stepped on board to measure propeller-radiated noise.

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