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MARIN helps to increase the workability of SOVs

AuthorsWillemijn Pauw, Thijs Hasselaar
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 132
Date30 Sep 2021
Service Operation Vessels are used for installation and maintenance activities on offshore wind turbines. These
vessels are typically equipped with large Dynamic Positioning systems and motion compensated gangways and
cranes so they can work in challenging sea conditions.


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Willemijn Pauw

Senior Project Manager

Thijs Hasselaar

Senior Project Manager

Energy can be reduced by smart interaction between multiple onboard
control systems. For example, by relaxing the DP stiffness and fully using the gangway’s capabilities can significantly improve fuel consumption. Apart from direct fuel savings by smarter system control, downtime can be reduced by improving planning and
decision support, which is based on accurately predicted ship motions.
MARIN helps to increase the workability of SOVs