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Is a Green FPSO the answer for future low carbon feedstock and fuel?

AuthorsJaap de Wilde
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 133
Date8 apr. 2022
Reading time6 minutes
The moonshot idea of a Green FPSO may be closer to reality than we think. Although extremely ambitious indeed, it seems unlikely that there will be a technical showstopper. Ingenuity could make this work. The main question is, can it be done in an economic way and this is exactly what MARIN will try to answer within the Green FPSO project initiative.

Hydrogen is seen as an enabler for far offshore green energy production. The simple molecule has enormous potential – it is versatile, storable and easy to transport. Green hydrogen can be made through electrolysis with renewables, turning water into a clean energy carrier. This is a great idea for a sustainable future and to achieve climate neutrality. The world is facing an enormous challenge to meet the Paris Agreement. Europe alone has plans for 350 GW of wind
energy by 2050, bringing a lot of pressure on the scarce land space in this crowded part of the world. Therefore, maybe the answer comes from the open sea with its abundant space and superior wind conditions?


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Jaap de Wilde

Senior Project Manager

Artist impression of bottom-founded offshore hydrogen production

Artist impression of bottom-founded offshorehydrogen production

MARIN takes the idea very seriously

The first projects for bottom-founded offshore hydrogen production are ongoing. The next step, in deeper water, may not be too farfetched as well. The artist’s impression below shows what it could potentially look like.
Artist impression of bottom-founded offshore hydrogen production