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Integrating eXtended Reality at new MX Lab

AuthorsBallestin, G.
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 140
Date24 jun. 2024
Marking a significant milestone in unlocking new simulation potential within MARIN, the Maritime eXperience Lab (MX Lab) is a cutting-edge facility dedicated to extending MARIN's simulation capabilities through eXtended Reality (XR) technology. The team were so impressed with the potential of the platform they nicknamed it LEVIATHAN (Learning Environment in VR Integrated with Aquatic Technology for Hydrodynamical Navigation).

Virtual reality (VR) stands out as a potent tool for immersive experiences, capable of eliciting psychological and operational responses closely mirroring real-life scenarios. Using VR alongside traditional simulators enables mixed simulations, enhancing MARIN's flexibility in evaluating operations.


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Giorgio Ballestin

Specialist/Projectmanager VR/AR

XR in Motion and MOMIT projects

MARIN is actively engaged in two major four-year research projects for the Netherlands Ministry of Defence under its Contour programmes collaborating with the Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR) and research organisation TNO, particularly in the context of the XR in Motion and Military maritime operational management in transit (MOMIT) projects.
MARIN SOSc simulation

Virtual reality (VR) simulation