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"The ever-growing size of vessels is one of themost important developments"

Conference/JournalMARIN Report 132
Date28 Sep 2021
The Infrastructure market covers a wide and diverse range in many ways: from projects studying the capacity of inland waterways and the design and operation of ports and terminals, to offshore infrastructure like the futuristic hyperloop described in the previous edition of Report magazine.


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Johan Dekker, Project Manager Maritime Operations

Multi-party projects

Infrastructure projects are often multi-party projects, emphasises Johan Dekker, Project Manager Maritime Operations and responsible for the Infrastructure market. “Port authorities and governments are on one side developers of new infrastructures, but on the other hand they have a role in permitting the development of new facilities in their
region, setting the limits for access for ships or preparing guidelines for design. As a permitting authority, they can be an important stakeholder for our client.