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In-depth study of shallow water

AuthorsHoyte Raven
Conference/JournalMARIN Report 127
Date13 Sep 2019
A number of studies have cast a new light on ship resistance in shallow water. While previously, tests in shallow-water basins were essentially analysed in the same way as those in deep water, it is now understood that there are important differences. A more complete understanding of shallow water ship hydrodynamics has been gained, and new procedures have been developed.


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Henk Prins


Speed trials

Incipient shallow-water effects may also occur in ship speed trials. Usually, a contract speed at a given power is specified for deep water. But for large or fast ships, the actual water depth at the trials location may be such that a small speed loss is incurred. The measured trial speed may then be augmented by a speed correction, and the prescribed way so far was by a formula from Lackenby (1963). However, this formula was often found inadequate.
MARIN in-depth study of shallow water

Significant changes of the wake field for decreasing water depth

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